an exploration of Alzheimer’s through poetry…
the journey continues.

Speaker – “Communication is Key and it’s important to stand in faith and in hope—we get there by talking, listening, and being open to possibilities.”

I honed my professional skills and learned ‘how-to’ speak at business networking groups. Years ago, I came to the meetings with sweaty palms and the inability to swallow my breakfast or lunch because I knew soon enough I must stand, say who I was, and what I needed from the group. A huge task for such a small-town country girl. Today, I’m eager to tell you about why I’m standing before you.

In every life some rain must fall. For me, the torrential storm was the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease! There it is! Now what? 41,000 people in Nevada and over 5,000,000 nation-wide and I’m one of them. No effective medications. No cure in sight.  Researchers believe that early detection is key to slowing down AD.

Who do you know who knows someone touched by Alzheimer’s disease – family, friends or caregivers?

I share my story with funny details and serious moments, and always with hope and optimism. Communication is Key and becoming a partner in your own health is essential. I speak at caregiver trainings, for families and care staff at memory care communities, at book clubs and book stores, for local organizations’ lunch time health awareness meetings, for large and small groups. I speak on radio talk shows, at Cleveland Clinic Lunch and Learn, facilitate at Alzheimer’s Association and Alzheimer’s Nevada support groups.  I appear on local television interviews. I share fun exercises and tell tales on myself all the time, and truly believe there is hope. and optimism, along this Alzheimer’s path. A favorite neurologist I know believes that my living life well is a success because 1) I am a partner in my own health, and 2) my attitude is a positive one. Ask me about my escape hatch when you call…”

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